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See what our satisfied customers have to say about our gift boxes!

I needed something very special to give some friends to thank them for their love and support during a difficult time. Ruth came up with just the thing for each one. All the boxes were personalized and very unique. I highly recommend LKN Celebrations to anyone looking for the perfect gift!!”

– Julie M.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ruth and her family for years. She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful individuals I know. When I saw she started this business, I knew she would be great at it because of her attention to detail and thoughtfulness she puts into everything and everyone. I ordered a gift box for my mom for Christmas, and it was amazing. My mom raved about how perfect everything Ruth put into it was. It was carefully crafted with my mom’s best interests in mind, constructed beautifully, and well beyond my expectations. I highly recommend to anyone who wants thoughtful, well-crafted, quality gift boxes to contact Ruth. I will definitely use for many occasions in the future.”

– Adam F.

I have both given and received boxes from LKN Celebrations. All were wonderfully put together, with obvious thought put into each item in the box. The best thing about LKN Celebrations’ boxes is that Ruth, the owner, works with you to get to know the recipient, so the gift is personalized, beautifully assembled, and super fun to give. For instance, my in-laws love word search puzzles, coffee, and sweet treats. I let Ruth know that, and then she took it from there, creating a very fun and thoughtful gift that I was proud to give! No matter the occasion, LKN Celebrations has something that will make it more special. I will definitely be using them again.”

– Jenny P.

I received a gift box from LKN Celebrations from my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas, and I absolutely loved everything in it. What a great gift idea!”

– Linda M.

My wonderful husband ordered a Valentine’s Day box for me! Ruth did an excellent job with what little gifts (there’s a lot!) to give in the box! It made my day. Thank you, LKN Celebrations, for the perfect gift!”

– Allison D.