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Corporate gift boxes can be a pivotal component for improving job satisfaction of your staff.

Corporate Gift Boxes in Denver, North CarolinaThere have been several studies conducted about what contributes most to job satisfaction, which plays a pivotal role in recruiting and retaining quality personnel. Time and time again, it has been found that while compensation is something employees feel is important, what ranks even higher in terms of job satisfaction is the respectful treatment of all employees at all levels within the corporation. While it might not be the only tool in your toolbox, here at LKN Celebrations, we believe our corporate gift boxes can go a long way to boosting job satisfaction. Here are a few suggestions for using these as a way to show respect and appreciation to your staff.

  • New Hires- We can compile the perfect corporate gift boxes as a welcome to new hires to get things off on the right foot. The first few days can be emotional and stressful for both your new employee and everyone else. Whether we work with you to create a set box style and contents for all new hires or you consult with us about the new hire so that each box can be personalized and custom, we are confident you’ll make their day!
  • Retirement- There are two benefits of giving corporate gift boxes to those who are retiring. The first is to show your appreciation to them for all they have done to advance the success of your company. The second is to show everyone else that you appreciate them now because this is how well they’ll be treated when they retire.
  • Promotions- Don’t think that the promotion itself is reward enough. While it is most likely very much appreciated, corporate gift boxes that further show them why they’ve been promoted can go a long way to establishing great job satisfaction.
  • Anniversaries- Our corporate gift boxes can be used for each year’s anniversary or specific milestones that you determine, such as 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, etc.

In all cases, corporate gift boxes do as much for the rest of your staff as they do for the recipients. You’ll be well on your way to showing you respect your team and appreciate them. We can also assist your Denver, North Carolina business with other gift boxes throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to work with you to create unique gift boxes that will be well-received.