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Show your college student your support with one of our college student care packages.

There are 30 colleges within 50 miles of Denver, North Carolina and if you have a student at one of them while you live in another area or state, you may be feeling a bit anxious with them being away from home for the first time. As a parent, grandparent, or other family member, you may want to show your support in some way and encourage them to do well in their classes and extracurriculars. Here at LKN Celebrations, we offer a great solution for you. Our custom college student care packages are the ideal way to show your student you are thinking of them.

College Student Care Packages in Denver, North Carolina

We believe that a predesigned college student care package makes little sense when every student is different. Rather than have your student get a package with 10 things they don’t want or need and only a couple they do, we’ll work with you to develop the perfect care package that suits their personality, objectives, and needs. Our attention to detail is unrivalled, so you can be confident they’ll appreciate your gift and the positive boost it gives them as they continue with this new phase of their life.

With a custom college student care package, you can include items that have special meaning to them or reflect your relationship in a way that is memorable. Whether you send a care package just once at the beginning of their freshman year to welcome them to the university or as an ongoing treat to help them with their studies and raise their spirits while away from home, we are confident they’ll love it. Contact us today to learn more about our care packages, gift boxes, and special event planning services.